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Las Quintas area

Mineralization in the Las Quintas area consists of numerous prospects and mines that have explored quartz veins that cut and are concordant with a strong foliation fabric in a stretched-pebble conglomerate, sandstones, and granodiorite. These rocks have been metamorphosed to a moderate greenschist-facies characterized by the presence of epidote and disseminated magnetite. Quartz veins with copper staining locally contain grades up to 8.49 g/t gold, and occur in an area shown to be a strong magnetic anomaly. The foliated conglomerates are in fault contact with overlying phyllites and siltstones that generally dip to the S-SW. This structure appears to be a low-angle fault and minor folding and slip planes along bedding in the siltstones extend for some distance into the hanging wall above the contact. This is a broad structural zone (up to 20 m thick) consisting of large blocks of siltstones that have been rotated, folded, and fractured, with quartz vein fragments found as inclusions and quartz veins that cut the structure indicating multiple stages of fluids associated with fault movement. Locally, there is an abundance of calcite veining up to 15 cm wide, and veins along the fault contact from 30 to 150 cm wide, that locally contain fragments of quartz and quartz veins. Quartz veins locally extend above the fault zone into the overlying siltstone units where they crosscut and are subparallel to the bedding. Above the structural contact with the underlying conglomerate, the siltstones exhibit moderate to strong argillic alteration, locally strong iron oxide (Fe Ox) on fracture surfaces, and quartz and carbonate veining that extend into the overlying siltstone unit. Gold mineralization occurs disseminated in the shattered siltstones associated with quartz veining and along the structures.

Generalized stratigraphic column for the Cerro El Alamo area in the vicinity of San Pedro and Las Quintas, showing the sequence of sedimentary rocks, intrusive rocks, and the location of mineralization exposed at some of the mine areas.

Low-angle structural zone exposed in the Las Quintas area along an arroyo showing sheared and locally folded siltstones that overlie the conglomerate unit.


Fine-grained banded quartz and carbonate vein cutting the siltstones in the Las Quintas area, some of the quartz bands exhibits casts after bladed calcite.

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